What’s on my workbench

Ok, so now that I’ve decided to start up my blog again, I suppose I should detail exactly what is likely to come up (as a bit of a teaser I suppose).

As well as the Dark Eldar commission listed in the previous post I’ve also got my own Dark Eldar army to complete – it’s mostly been basecoated, although I’ve been re-highlighting it all with some of the new GW paints.

I’ve also got a Salamanders army on the go, led by Vulkan, who I’ll show here:

Vulkan He'Stan (work in progress)
Vulkan He’Stan (click to enlarge)

Also in the pipeline are my Space Marines – they’re a chapter of my own creation, and I like to sometimes use them as Blood Angels (purely so I can use the Stormraven model, although hopefully GW will see sense and make it a standard Astartes vehicle, like they did with the Land Raider Crusader). I’ve managed to amass quite a few Marines over the years, and they’re gradually all getting painted – my current job is my flight of Stormravens (3 of them), although there’s quite a few infantry models and a couple of tanks to paint too.

Eldar have always been a favourite of mine, and my Saim Hann Eldar are also slowly getting added to over time. I’m not the fastest of painters, but you can see my Fareer here:

Farseer (work in progress)
Farseer (click to enlarge)

Again, there’s a lot of infantry and vehicles for them still to paint, but I aim to get photos of each army in my collection to show what’s painted and what’s unfinished in order to better document their progress.

Finally, I have a reasonably sized Ork horde which started as a ‘just a few models’ back at the start of 5th Edition, but suddenly grew into a 5000ish points Waaagh! As with most of my stuff, a lot of the infantry is painted up but there are still many left undercoated and a fair few vehicles to complete too.

More images of my work can be found on my Flickr account – check there for more, although I hope to make this blog semi-regular from here on in!

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