Brushwork – Wednesday 18th July

Spent an hour or so working on various projects this evening, mostly commission stuff, but also some of my long-neglected Space Marines…

When my old Stompa left the display cabinet for pastures new, there was a gap that needed filling. Short of having my wallet raped by Forgeworld, I opted for a slightly more affordable Trygon, which I continued work on last night. I didn’t snap any pictures, so sorry for the tease in this paragraph! 😛

I also continued work on the Damocles (again, no pictures…) and also on my Land Speeder Typhoon, which is seen here along with the rest of the squadron (some of which also need some work still!) :

Space Marine Land Speeders and Attack Bikes
Land Speeders and Attack Bikes – click to enlarge

As you can see, I’ve completed the highlighting and free-hand on the middle land speeder – I just need to correct a few mistakes which I’ve spotted in the picture, and complete the highlights on the Sergeant’s helmet.

I’ll get some snaps of the Trygon tonight and make a further post!

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