Construction work – Sunday 29th July

This weekend I decided to dig out some old kits which I’ve not yet gotten round to building:

First up, I decided to have a crack at the fantastic Boss Zagstruk, which I picked up when he was initially released in metal, about 3 years ago:

Boss Zagstruk (work in progress)
Boss Zagstruk – click to enlarge

I plan to paint him up to match my current Ork army, rather than follow the prescribed colour scheme that GW use.

Next up were my Harlequins, which I’m taking some time over as only 4 out of the 8 have been built (the Troupe Leader, Shadowseer, Death Jester and one of the standard Harlequins). With their scheme I’ll be going with a mixture of red and the dark green I use on my Dark Eldar so that they’ll tie in with both my Saim Hann Eldar and my Dark Eldar Kabal:

Harlequins (work in progress)
Harlequins – click to enlarge

Speaking of Eldar, I also built my Autarch on Jetbike. I wanted him armed with a fusion gun along with his Laser Lance, and luckily some spare Dark Eldar pieces (a weapon mount from a Reaver and the barrel of a Disintegrator Cannon) meant I could make a bike-mounted weapon. I’ll most likely scrape a few of the ‘blobs’ off of the barrel to make it look more Eldar as opposed to Dark Eldar.

I converted the bike further with a Dire Avenger banner (as the two metal banners supplied with the kit looked like a nightmare to glue on), as well as a couple of penants from the Wraithlord kit, which I bent slightly to make them appear like they’re flapping in the wind as he speeds along. I also added a couple of trimmed down War Walker weapon ‘shield’ things (which seem utterly pointless on the War Walker kit, IMO) to the canopy of the bike to differentiate it further from my normal jetbikes.

Finally, I swapped the standard metal arm for a spare Dire Avenger Exarch arm with Shimmershield, which works for the Autarch’s Force Shield perfectly – only minor bending of the thumb was needed in order for it to grip the handlebars properly:

Eldar Autarch (work in progress)
Eldar Autarch – click to enlarge
Eldar Autarch (work in progress)
Eldar Autarch closeup – click to enlarge

Finally, I revisited an old conversion I created years ago – it was inspired by a chap called Carl Woodrow ( who created the ‘Panther’ Recon vehicle. I modified mine slightly from Carl’s designs, and recently found the model again – however now I’ve decided to use it as a proxy Attack Bike (hence the Storm Bolter, which will stand-in for the Attack Bike’s twin-linked Bolter):

Cougar Attack Buggy (work in progress)
Cougar Attack Buggy – click to enlarge


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