Construction Work – Monday 30th July

I managed to finish off building the Harlequins tonight, and, while hunting through some boxes of bits, I stumbled across even more models I’ve not gotten round to building yet!

First off, the rest of the Harlequins. They still need a bit of cleaning on them to get rid of mould-lines:

Harlequin 1 (WIP)
Harlequin – click to enlarge
Harlequin 2 (WIP)
Harlequin – click to enlarge
Harlequin 3 (WIP)
Harlequin – click to enlarge
Harlequin 4 (WIP)
Harlequin – click to enlarge

And the whole Troupe together:

Harlequin Troupe (WIP)
Harlequin Troupe – click to enlarge

Next up, I found a bunch of metal Space Marines I’d had buried deep within a bits box, including a couple of Limited Edition releases.

This Captain with Thunder Hammer was a Games Day release from a few years back which I was lucky enough to acquire at a Bring and Buy:

Captain with Thunder Hammer (work in progress)
Captain with Thunder Hammer – click to enlarge

This Veteran will probably end up becoming a Captain due to the Iron Halo on his backpack:

Captain with Power Axe (work in progress)
Captain with Power Axe – click to enlarge

This Apothecary will no doubt come in handy – I’ll use him to represent a Sanguinary Priest in my counts-as Blood Angel Stormraven list:

Apothecary with Lightning Claw (work in progress)
Apothecary with Plasma Pistol and Lightning Claw – click to enlarge

Next up, some Veteran Sergeants which I can swap-in with my existing Tactical Squads when I feel like it:

Veteran with Storm Shield (WIP)
Veteran with Power Fist and Storm Shield – click to enlarge
Veteran with Combi-Plasma (WIP)
Veteran with Combi-Plasma Gun – click to enlarge

This chap was a Web-exclusive piece:

Veteran with Power Fist (WIP)
Veteran with Power Fist – click to enlarge
Veteran with Power Sword (WIP)
Veteran with Power Sword – click to enlarge
Veteran with Power Maul (WIP)
Veteran with Power Maul and Plasma Pistol – click to enlarge
Veteran with Power Sword 2 (WIP)
Veteran with Power Sword – click to enlarge

Finally, as I had a spare Veteran body and a spare Heavy Bolter, this chap came about:

Veteran with Heavy Bolter (WIP)
Veteran with Heavy Bolter – click to enlarge

No idea what I’ll use him for though – perhaps a small Sternguard unit with Heavy Bolter or something.

As you can see, they all require quite a bit of cleanup here and there, with plenty of mould-lines currently visible. I also want to drill out all the gun barrels before painting them. I also made a few adjustments to the Autarch on Jetbike from my last post – I trimmed off a few of the extra ‘blisters’ on the additional panels (as they were the wrong orientation to be aerodynamic) and generally neatened up their appearance, as well as cleaning off a few mould-lines.

I think this has actually meant I’ve reached a turning point, as these were the last metal miniatures in my collection which were yet to be built (I hate building metal models, preferring plastic or resin for the most part), and since GW’s shift away from metal, I doubt I’ll ever build another metal miniature again – at least, not by choice!

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