Brushwork – Monday 6th August

Tonight, I spent a bit more time working on the commission Dark Eldar job – I completed the Ravager and begun work on the second of three Venoms:

Ravager Commission (complete)
Ravager Commission – click to enlarge

Commission Venom 2 (Work in progress)
Commission Venom – click to enlarge

I tend to work in a quite haphazard approach, flitting between different units each time I paint – I find this helps alleviate any boredom or fatigue from painting the same colours/type of model over and over again, which can lead to sloppiness.

Next up, I revisited one of my Deathwatch Space Marines – this time the Iron Hand, who was modelled with a Stalker-pattern bolter (back in the days of 3rd/4th Edition!):

Deathwatch - Iron Hand (complete)
Deathwatch – Iron Hand – click to enlarge

Space Marines have always been my favourites in the 40k universe (hence why I’ve got so many of them!), so I grabbed a couple of converted Terminators from their box and gave them a lick of paint – first up, the Apothecary, who’s had his basecoat of light grey, ready for a white highlight:

Terminator Apothecary (work in progress)
Terminator Apothecary – click to enlarge

I converted this chap up after I realised I had enough Terminators to create a 2000pt Deathwing list! With that in mind, I needed a suitable commander figure to represent Grand Master Belial, and given that I had two copies of Space Hulk, Sergeant Lorenzo made the perfect candidate, and after a spot of conversion work, Lord Commander Crassus was born:

Lord Commander Crassus (work in progress)
Lord Commander Crassus – click to enlarge

Both Crassus and the Apothecary need quite a bit more work before they’re complete, but I suspect I’ll bring them through to completion over the next week or so.

I also grabbed one of my Salamander Terminators to paint – this one already had his basecoat of green, and, in an effort to speed up the process of painting the rest of the army, I elected to experiment with a Thraka Green ink wash to aid the shading. The wash hadn’t fully dried when I took this photo, hence the sheen, but the effect once dry is perfect, and so the rest of my Salamanders will follow suit – should speed things up no-end!

Salamander Terminator (work in progress)
Salamander Terminator – click to enlarge

Finally, I decided to revisit the Harlequin from my previous post, as I felt it was a bit flat and uninspiring. With that in mind, I set to work on a diamond-pattern using black ink:

Harlequin stage 2 (work in progress)
Harlequin – click to enlarge

I’m much happier with the effect of the diamonds, so I’ll look to carrying that across to the other models in the unit, along with their transport, which was ordered yesterday!

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