Construction Work – Sunday 12th August

This weekend I spent a bit of time going through my bits box and continuing with a couple of projects:

To begin with, I finished off a pair of weapon arms I picked up to add to my Ironclad, who can now double as a ranged Dreadnought:

Dreadnoughts - work in progress
Dreadnoughts – click to enlarge

Next up, I figured I’d make some Anti-aircraft defense with the advent of 6th edition. Using a spare Deathwind Launcher from one of my Drop Pod kits, I had to trim off the winged skull emblems in order to glue them back on the ‘right’ way up. Then, using the mounting ring and a turret bracket from a Razorback kit and a spare console from a Rhino inner door, I created this missile defense platform.

Anti-aircraft platform - work in progress
Anti-aircraft platform – click to enlarge

Finally, I started work on my Harlequin Raider – reasoning that the 8 Harlequins I already own will need some kind of ride, the Raider proved to be the most apt. With a little bit of conversion work to make it appear less ‘Dark Eldar’ and something halfway between the two Eldar varieties. I’ve trimmed down any spikes and hooks and rounded off a fair few of the pointy parts too. I also switched the Dark Lance for a Bright Lance (statistically the same, but looks-wise definitely less evil-looking).

For the colour scheme, it’ll be a combination of the Dark Eldar and Eldar colour schemes I use now, similar to the Harlequin I posted previously:

Harlequin Raider - work in progress
Harlequin Raider – click to enlarge


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