Construction Work – Wednesday 15th August

The things I do for my hobby! It’s long been an intention of mine to have proper embossed symbols on my Space Marines, and last night I took the plunge…

Starting off with some larger symbols, I created a template piece from some plasticard, then began tracing this and cutting out copies to glue onto my Dreadnought Drop Pod and the front of my pair of Vindicators:

Lucius Pattern Drop Pod - work in progress
Lucius Pattern Drop Pod – click to enlarge
Vindicator - work in progress
Vindicator – click to enlarge

Figuring that these were a bit too large to go on other vehicles, I created a smaller version to go onto Rhino-based hulls and Land Speeders:

Predator Annihilator - work in progress
Predator Annihilator – click to enlarge
Rhino - work in progress
Rhino – click to enlarge
Damocles Rhino - work in progress
Damocles Rhino – click to enlarge
Land Speeder Typhoon - work in progress
Land Speeder Typhoon – click to enlarge

With hindsight (I’m writing this the morning after), the symbols are probably a little large for the Land Speeders, but unfortunately they’re glued in place, and they look okay, so I’m happy with them.

I also added some to my Land Raider (I used the two different sizes here):

Land Raider - work in progress
Land Raider – click to enlarge

It hit me once I’d done these, that I’d have to cut out 5 symbols for each of my drop pods (of which I have 9), so that’s going to be my next task over the coming evenings!

In other news, I got around to finishing up my objective markers for 6th Edition. Normally I’ve just used some custom ones I built for each of my armies, however, now, with Mysterious Objectives being part of 6th Edition, I’ve had to create new ones which can house a D6, to make it clear what each objective is once rolled:

Objectives/Dice Holders - complete
Objectives/Dice Holders – click to enlarge

I’m going to leave them with just a drybrush for now, although I may revisit them to make them a bit more eye-catching at a later stage.

One of the 6th Edition missions calls for the objectives to also be worth a random amount of Victory Points – for this, I created some random-cost objective markers. THey’re deployed face down to begin with, then when the game starts, they’re flipped to reveal their cost (1, 2, 3 or 4 points). Rather than a simple number underneath, I figured I’d use some bits, and so I decided to use some of the chapter badge symbols which come with the Drop Pod and Land Speeder kits, each representing a different cost – 1 for Imperial Fists, 2 for Blood Angels, 3 for Space Wolves and 4 for Ultramarines (because everyone wants to be an Ultramarine… Thanks Mat Ward! [facepalm])

Random VP Objectives (face down)
Random VP Objectives (face down) – click to enlarge
Random VP Objectives (face up)
Random VP Objectives (face up) – click to enlarge

Only 45 more lightning bolt symbols to go!


    1. You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just the Mat Ward horse shit that all Space Marines want to be like them that I can’t stand.

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