Brushwork – Monday 7th January

I took a bit of a break from the painting table over the festive season, instead using the time off to play a few games of 40k, but I’m back into the swing of things now in 2013…

After those games, I’ve noticed something with my ‘suicide’ Sternguard squad – 8 men and 2 combi-meltas doesn’t always do its job right – the meltas have both missed on a couple of occasions, leaving them stood around giving up almost 300pts for no return. With that in mind, I’ve decided that the drop-podding unit should go down to 5 men, but load up on the Melta, so they can pop a tank with a bit more success. It also means they won’t give up as many points from the return fire they’ll inevitably receive.

Space Marine Sternguard Veterans - click to enlarge
Space Marine Sternguard Veterans – click to enlarge

Their squad sergeant also got a slight re-fit – the Lightning claw was 15pts better spent elsewhere, and so that went in favour of just a close combat weapon.

I also worked on their transport, given it’s been sat with just a basecoat for a few years now (along with the other 9 Drop Pods in my collection!). First off, I cut out some more chapter symbols from plasticard and added these to each door, then I added the hazard-lines around the doors, and started on the interior:

Space Marine Drop Pod (closed) - click to enlarge
Space Marine Drop Pod (closed) – click to enlarge
Space Marine Drop Pod (open) - click to enlarge
Space Marine Drop Pod (open) – click to enlarge

It still needs some work (highlights and weathering, as well as interior detail), but it’s coming along nicely.

With the extra points freed up by the smaller Sternguard unit, I’ve been able to add in some Scouts, which should serve nicely as a ‘deck chair unit’* on some of my home objectives. These guys have sat with a basic paint job for a few years, but now I’m going to finish them off with detailing and highlights:

Space Marine Scouts - click to enlarge
Space Marine Scouts – click to enlarge
Space Marine Scouts - click to enlarge
Space Marine Scouts – click to enlarge

The cloaks were painted Scorched Brown followed by a Bleached Bone drybrush before a wash of Devlan Mud. The armour colour is a 50/50(ish) mixture of Codex Grey and Black Ink from the old paint range. I’ll highlight this with Codex Grey as well as add squad markings in the same colour – I reason that the colour I’ve chosen for the rest of the Marines won’t camouflage too well, and so a darker set of tones is needed. The cloth of the uniform is painted with Charadon Granite and then washed with Devlan Mud – it also needs a highlight. With the skin, I simply painted it with Elf Flesh, then gave a wash of watered down Catachan Green (to simulate camouflage paint – I’ve tried doing the faces before by painting them green/black like actual camo paint, but on a model that small it just looks odd, so I went for this approach which seemed to appear more natural given the scale (and also helps to bring out the details). Some of my gaming group have taken to saying that the scouts look more like they’ve got Nurgle’s Rot, but I like the effect it gives!

* For those unaware, a ‘deck chair unit’ is a term given to a unit taken purely to sit on an objective during a game.

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