Brushwork – Thursday 4th April

It’s been a long break on the blog – for various reasons our local gaming store closed their gaming hall at the end of January, and so the painting side of the hobby has taken a bit of a sideline while my friends and I sorted our own tables and terrain out. Now that things have settled down and most of us have got our own tables, I can get back to my favourite side of the hobby – building and painting models!

6th Edition of 40k has been a pretty rough experience for me thus far, what with my 4 armies of choice all having books which are either very old (Orks and Eldar haven’t had a book since 4th Edition, while the standard Marines, while still pretty decent, were the first book of 5th) or have taken the nerf-bat so hard that they are very difficult to actually play a close game with, short of spending a lot of money to change the army around, which is something I’m not willing to do.

Thankfully, my dice-rolling thirst has been quenched by a Spanish company called Corvus Belli, with their sci-fi skirmish game, Infinity. Infinity’s been around since about 2005, although I’ve never really paid it a great deal of attention until recently. I was always impressed by their models, but it’s only in the last few months that I’ve really been able to pay them any real attention. Without this turning into a rant against Games Workshop, my reason for turning to Infinity was down to the fact that with a lot more important things happening in my life (saving to go on holiday, saving for a wedding, saving for a mortgage, bills/rent/debts etc), I just can’t justify the cost of 40k right now (I’ll refrain from saying ‘any more’, as I’m sure in the future I’ll be able to afford to spend a little more money on an army, but probably not for a few years at least). With Infinity, I’ve been able to spend far, far less on the system – the rules are given away for free, as well as all the required counters/tokens/army lists. Then even have an interactive army builder and rules wiki on their site, so they really know how to support their playerbase. I’ve also been able to find some papercraft terrain, which again, has cost me nothing bar some printer ink and a few sheets of A4. My grand total spent so far has been the £50 I spent picking up the figures I wanted to begin my force.

Granted, on a model by model basis, Infinity is more expensive than 40k, but in terms of the overall cost, a 300pt Infinity army (about the maximum size you’d want to comfortably play) frequently costs less than £100. Compare that to a 2000pt 40k army (again, about the biggest points value you’re likely to play regularly) – you’re looking at £45 for the rulebook, £30 for a Codex, then, using my 2000pt Space Marine army as a price guide, about £390 (with a 10% discount) – So sub £100 or over £400 to get the rules and a complete army? I know which amount I’d rather spend!

Anyway, I digress, onto a shot of the models! it was a little dark when I took this pic, so I’ll work on getting some better ones when they’re complete. I’ve photoshopped it as best I can to get the brightness up, although that’s washed out the red a litle, but you get the idea:

PanOceania 150pt army - click to enlarge
PanOceania 150pt army – click to enlarge

What you can see there (From left to right) are:

Akal Commando with Combi Rifle, Order Sergeant with Spitfire, Fusilier with Combi Rifle, Trauma Doc (kneeling), Akal Commando with Heavy Machine Gun, Kamau Hacker and two more Fusiliers with Combi Rifles.

By enlarging the image, you can see I’ve completed the first Akal Commando and Fusilier on the extreme right. It was a simple case of undercoating with Adeptus Battle Grey, the red areas were painted Mechrite Red, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. These are then highlighted up with another coat of Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, then an extreme highlight of Blazing Orange. The lighter grey areas (cloth, undersuits etc) are painted with Astronomicon Grey with a wash of Nuln Oil, before a single highlight of Astronomicon Grey. Guns are Abbadon Black with a single highlight of Adeptus Battle Grey. The floor tiles are painted with Codex Grey and an edge highlight of Fortress Grey. I’ve done some small detail patches with Ultramarine Blue washed with Asurman Blue for shading. There’s a highlight of Ultramarine Blue applied again, followed by an extreme edge highlight of the old Nauseating Blue.

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