Infinity – a Battle Report for new players

This post is going to be a little different from my usual fare – a few of our group have taken up Infinity, and some other 40k players have shown an interest too. With this in mind, I’ve written up a battle report in order to shed a bit of light and show the cinematic feel of Infinity.

Infinity Battle Report: Morat Aggression Force vs Haqqislam (Darren vs Adam) 200pts

First off, the Army lists (all pics courtesy of the Infinity website) – click each image for more information on each unit:


Suryat Lieutenant with Heavy Machine Gun
2 Morat Infantry with Combi-Rifles
Daturazi Witch Soldiers
2 Daturazi ‘Witch Soldiers’ with Chain Rifles
3 Yaogat Strike Infantry (Link Team) with Combi-Rifles and Panzerfausts


Hafza Lieutenant with Rifle
Hassassin Lasiq
Hassassin Lasiq with Viral Rifle and Shotgun
Djanbazan with Heavy Machine Gun
Ghulam Hacker with Rifle
Shihab Remote
Shihab Remote with Heavy Machine Gun
Hassassin Muyib
Hassassin Muyib with Spitfire
Sekban Naval Special Unit with Armour Penetration Rifle
(Represented by a Husam Spec Ops model)
Naffatun with Rifle and Heavy Flamethrower


The start of the game

Rolling for first turn in Infinity involves a Willpower check, where each player needs to roll equal to or under their Lieutenant’s WIP value . The winner of this role then gets to choose either the Initiative order, or the deployment zones and deployment order. (For more info, visit

Darren wins the WIP roll and elects to choose the deployment zones and opts to deploy second. Adam then decides that he will go first.

Darren chose the deployment zone marked in red, leaving Adam to deploy in the blue area:

Deployment Map - click to enlarge
Deployment Map – click to enlarge

You can see their deployment in the images below. (The image of Darren’s Deployment zone is taken from a different angle to all the other images in this report due to the way he was deployed behind buildings).

Darren's Deployment - click to enlarge
Darren’s Deployment – click to enlarge
Adam's Deployment - click to enlarge
Adam’s Deployment – click to enlarge

Throughout this report you’ll see many references to Orders – this is one of the core aspects of Infinity. More information can be found here. Additionally, you’ll see the term ARO (Automatic Reaction Order) pop up quite frequently – more information on these can be found here.

Turn 1:

Adam begins by moving his Ghulam Hacker towards the Civilian, spending three orders in quick succession (green arrows) to move towards the Civilian and attempt to take control of him by passing a WIP check. Adam passes, meaning the Civilian will now follow the Ghulam. As the second part of his order, Adam elects to move the pair of models back towards his own lines, however, one of Darren’s Yaogat troops has line of sight to the Civilian, and elects to take a shot at her! Due to the Yaogat being in a Link Team, he fires two shots in his ARO (rather than the standard 1 shot), hits twice and kills the Civilian.

Elsewhere, Adam’s Remote uses 3 orders to move around and place a pair of mines and then shift back into cover (purple arrows), while his Hassassin Lasiq uses a single order to move forward into position (orange arrow).

Adam's first turn - click to enlarge
Adam’s first turn – click to enlarge

Darren’s turn 1 saw the Daturazi Witch soldiers use their Impetuous orders (red arrows) to move towards the Haqqislam infantry nearest to them. Impetuous orders are a free order which require the Impetuous model to move towards the closest enemy model. One of the Witch Soldiers then uses another order to move further forward. Darren then decides to activate his Link Team (consisting of 3 Yaogat troops, green arrows), who use two orders to move up into an attack position.

He then uses an order on the Witch Soldier again to throw a smoke grenade, which unfortunately scatters slightly, although not enough to be a problem for the Yaogats, who now use another pair of orders to move into the smoke, setting off one of the Remotes’ mines in the process. A single Yaogat gets hit by the blast, but survives!

Dusting himself off, the Yaogat then lines up a shot on the Remote while being obscured inside the smoke cloud. Firing with his shoulder-mounted Panzerfaust, he takes two shots at the unsuspecting Remote, which shrugs off the pair of anti-tank rockets (ordinarily the Panzerfaust can only fire once per order, however, due to the bonus of being in a Link Team, the Yaogat can add +1 to the amount of shots he takes per order).

Adam’s Remote, now aware of a threat within the smoke cloud, decides to shoot back into the smoke cloud with its ARO. The Remote has a skill called ‘Total Reaction’, which allows the remote to fire at full effect, even in ARO (which normally consists of a single ‘snap’ shot). Adam needs 5 or less on each of his 4 D20s to hit the Yaogat, and manages a single hit on the alien, however, the Yaogat’s armour saves him from the shot!

Another order from Darren sees the Yaogat fire again, this time with his Combi-rifle, which hits twice and kills the Remote. The second part of this order sees the Yaogat move back into hard cover.

Darren's first turn - click to enlarge
Darren’s first turn – click to enlarge

Turn 2:

Adam’s Djanbazan spends an order to Move and Shoot at one of the Yaogats. The Yaogat declares an ARO of Shoot, and so the pair enter into a Face to Face roll to determine the outcome.

Adam manages to hit the Yaogat once, although once again the alien armour proves to be more than a match for the human weaponry. The Yaogat decides that it might be safer in full cover, and so decides to fall back out of sight.

The Sekban, inactive until now, takes off in a sprint, using 3 orders to move up, and a 4th order to move and shoot at two of the Yaogats (green arrows). Since one is facing the wrong way, he can’t react, while the Yaogat with line of fire decides to shoot at the Sekban. In the ensuing firefight, the Yaogat takes a hit, but yet again his armour saves him.

Adam then decides to lay down some Suppressive Fire on the Yaogats. One Yaogat decides to dive out of the way with a Dodge, while the other decides to fire back. This time, the Yaogat hits the Sekban with a headshot (Critical hit) and the Sekban falls to the floor, dead.

Adam’s pair of Hassassin Muyibs use the final pair of orders in the Orders Reserve to move up into more forward positions (blue arrows).

Adam's second turn - click to enlarge
Adam’s second turn – click to enlarge

Darren’s second turn sees the Impetuous Witch Soldiers move forward, one into a building, and one towards the pair of Muyibs (red arrows).

The Witch Soldier inside the building then spends another order to move through the building and upstairs, a second to move towards a crate, (one of Darren’s secret objectives) and attempt to search it with a WIP check. He fails, and so a third order gets spent to search it again, this time succeeding in finding whatever secret document or piece of technology is held within!

Darren’s Suryat Lieutenant (who has been fairly inactive until now) then uses a pair of orders to move up into a better position (yellow arrows).

The Yaogat link team use a single order to shift their position slightly.

Going back to the Suryat, it uses another order to move and then shoot at the Djanziban, who declares an ARO to shoot back. The Suryat outclasses the Djanbazan and hits him 3 times with his Heavy machine gun, killing the unlucky human.

Finally, the Witch Soldier outside moves and takes a shot at one of the Muyibs, although the Muyib is ready for him and her ARO of shoot results in 1 hit, although yet again the alien is saved by his armour!

Darren's second turn - click to enlarge
Darren’s second turn – click to enlarge

Turn 3:

Adam’s first order is to attempt to revive himself using his Regeneration skill, although Adam fails the roll and the Djanbazan bleeds out.

The Muyib continues to fire at the Witch Soldier with her Spitfire, this time finding a weak-point in the armour and felling the alien.

The Lasiq then spends a pair of orders to move up and then shoot at the Yaogat Link Team (green arrows). Their ARO is to shoot back, and the Lasiq takes a hit, although this time his armour is proof against the aliens weaponry. A third order sees the Lasiq lay down Suppressive Fire on the Yaogats, scoring a Critical Hit on one who was attempting to dodge out of the way.

Adam's third turn - click to enlarge
Adam’s third turn – click to enlarge

Darren’s surviving Witch Soldier uses his Impetuous order to move back downstairs in the building. After this, the Suryat goes wild (green arrows) and uses an order to move into the Suppressive Fire corridor of the Lasiq and fire back. The Suryat is unphased by all the bullets heading his way and hits the Lasiq twice, killing him. He then spends another pair of orders to move and then shoot at the female Muyib, who chooses to use her ARO to shoot back, although the Suryat maintains his cool and guns the Muyib down with a shot to the head, rolling a Critical Hit. Darren’s final order sees the Suryat continue his killing spree with a move and shoot at second Muyib, who actually turns out to be the Hafza Lieutenant in disguise using his Holoprojector! Unfortunately his return fire proves ineffective, and 3 hits later the Hafzas bleeding corpse signals a retreat for the remaining Haqqislamites!

Darren's third turn - click to enlarge
Darren’s third turn – click to enlarge

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