Infinity December Releases

So, I was already toying with the idea of an Imperial Service force, and also with a Tohaa force to paint too. However, now I want Morats as well! Grr…

Rise of Rlyeh

So the photos of the December releases for Infinity are here! See the image below to see what goodies will be available soon (well in January)! Personally I am really impressed by all the models, but it’s the Morat Aggression Force starter set stands out for me.

I think the best model in the Morat Aggression Force starter set is the Sogarat, not only is this a really impressive sculpt but the Feuerbach is an awesome weapon! Interestingly this model is on a large base, which means I may have to re-base my current Sogarat with HMG. I am also a big fan of the Oznat, again both as a model and in terms of rules. Interestingly all the new Morats have a much darker colour scheme, which I really like.

Although I already have three of the now old vanguard, I may still have to get this set! The quality…

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