Construction Work – Thursday 27th March

Ajax the Great: Myrmidon Officer - click to enlarge

I’ve managed to find a little time this week to actually build a few things as well as put a few more unwanted/unused bits of 40k on Ebay.

I’ve been meaning to pick up a set of Bulleteer Armbots for quite a while (I’ve had a pair of my custom 50mm bases ‘reserved’ for them since I bought them late last year), and after facing a pair of them during my first game at the Spring Challenge, my mind was made up (and having the exact amount left for them in my PayPal account was just sheer coincidence)!

In addition to organising and running the tournament itself, Ian also brings all of his Infinity stock along to the events, so that players can pick up more things, which is exactly what I did during the lunch break, where I bought this pair of beauties:

PanOceania Bulleteer Armbots - click to enlarge
PanOceania Bulleteer Armbots – click to enlarge

And a shot from the other side, just because:

PanOceania Bulleteer Armbots - click to enlarge
PanOceania Bulleteer Armbots – click to enlarge

As you can see, they fit the 50mm bases perfectly, and all it required was the trimming down of the horrid base-extensions that are moulded onto the feet. This then forms the perfect ‘pin’ which I can insert into the holes in the base which I’ve drilled.

Granted, the Bulleteer extensions aren’t as large as some models in the range, but I much prefer a round base to a ‘bumpy’ one (although I guess this makes me a bit of a hypocrite, but that was one exception which I really didn’t have much of a choice with, honest!)

I may yet add a small blob of green stuff into the little indent in the ‘chin’ of the remote. Normally this is where a weapon is mounted (these remotes share their main body piece with the Sierra Dronbots), however, it looks perfect for an extra ‘lens’, and it’ll look more interesting than just a hole.

As I mentioned before, Darren’s incredible Shasvastii won best painted on the Sunday, and as part of his prize he received an Ajax figure. Oddly enough I’d been discussing with Darren that along with the Myrmidons and Remote I received last week, I’d only need Ajax to field a 300pt Steel Phalanx army. Since Darren doesn’t play Aleph, he kindly donated me his copy of Ajax while I agreed to buy him Special Operative Ko Dali in exchange. A win-win all-round – I get Ajax for less than asking price, and Darren gets Ko Dali for free!

Ajax was a lovely model to put together – next to no flash or mould lines, and only 5 pieces to glue together!

Ajax the Great: Myrmidon Officer - click to enlarge
Ajax the Great: Myrmidon Officer – click to enlarge
Ajax the Great: Myrmidon Officer - click to enlarge
Ajax the Great: Myrmidon Officer – click to enlarge

In game terms, he’s basically a (nearly) TAG-sized Lhost (basically a bioroid or cyborg in Infinity’s terms), and he’s carrying a pair of Combi-Rifles as well as his Explosive Close Combat Weapon, which he hits with a Damage of 16 with (that’s more powerful than any ranged weapon in the game!). Of course, he’s got to get there first, but with Armour 5, 2 Wounds and No Wound Incapacitation, he should hopefully get close enough to batter something! Coupled with him bringing some Myrmidon friends along with him in a Link Team, I’m fairly confident he’ll reach combat, despite Infinity being more of a game about fire-and-manoeuvre than ‘drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword‘.

I’m going to be facing Darren next week with my new Steel Phalanx army to give it a go – I’m keen to see what a pair of small Link Teams can do. If I can, I’ll try and get some images so I can write a short battle report in another post.


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