Gaming thoughts – More Neoterra, and ‘big news’

Neoterra Bolts - click to enlarge

Yesterday, released a preview of more Neoterra Bolts – this time a boxed set with the missing options from the Bolt profile (Boarding Shotgun/Hacker, Multi Sniper Rifle, Spitfire and Missile Launcher). I really like the Bolt models, and these new models show off further updated weapon designs, to keep them in line with the more ‘modern’ looking Combi Rifle seen on the previous releases. I really like this, as it shows that Corvus Belli listens to customer feedback – the old Combi Rifle is much disliked by the community (I personally don’t mind it, but I’m a big fan of the ‘rule of cool’ when it comes to looks, so I can suspend my disbelief if it means a cool looking model) and it’s nice that CB have decided to redesign it to better suit these newer models, which really emphasis the high-tech nature of Neoterra.

Neoterra Bolts - click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts – click to enlarge

I’m likely to pick up a box of these at some point, since Neoterra is my preferred PanOceania Sectorial, as well as a blister of the standard Bolts armed with Combi Rifles. I’ve yet to figure out a sweet spot in my lists for them, however – they’re Medium Infantry and have a Light Shotgun ‘tax’ on them too, so shaving points down in my list to fit them in is proving difficult! I’m a little disappointed there’s still no word on a Mine Launcher (or ‘Drop Bear’ as it’s been called by the designers) yet, but they have assured the community on the forum that it’s coming – they’re holding off for the next book, and don’t want to throw ITS2014’s balance out of the window just yet, since it’s only been running a couple of months so far.

Here are a couple more flavour shots released by Miniwargaming:

Neoterra Bolts - click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts – click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts - click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts – click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts - click to enlarge
Neoterra Bolts – click to enlarge

Observant viewers may notice that a lot of the decorative pieces of terrain in the background of those shots is from Antenociti’s Workshop, and so I’m 99% sure that they’ll be announced as a new Official Partner (alongside Micro Art Studio, Bandua Wargames, Plascraft Games, Customeeple, Warsenal, Blue Table Painting and Battlefoam). This is good as it’ll mean more Infinity-centric terrain pieces – some of which you can see in those shots – the Taxi, for example, is a new, as-yet unreleased piece, along with multiple other futuristic looking cars from Antenociti.

This impending announcement leads me onto my other point I want to discuss, April’s ‘big news’.

It’s been alluded to for a while that something big for Infinity is going to drop in April, although exactly what has been left shrouded in mystery. Corvus Belli have been really good at stopping any leaks, and it’s left a lot of the community champing at the bit for any hint of what it could be. There have been a few clues dropped by official sources – the first being the new book mentioned by Bostria on the forum, the second being the 55mm bases teased by Angel Giraldez? Numerous sources have said that 55mm bases will be needed for Infinity, but whether this indicates a new unit type, or simply new bases for TAGs/Remotes to get rid of those horrible base extensions is anyone’s guess.

Some of my thoughts on what it could be are:

  1. A new book: There’s definitely one coming, but will it another expansion a la Human Sphere, or is it another campaign book like Paradiso, OR is it a 3rd Edition rulebook? Are any of those big enough to class as ‘big news’?
  2. A new unit type: A week or so ago, Bostria confirmed that 12 new models are due, none of which are TAGs. They comprise 3 boxes and 2 blisters for April. Assuming the Bolts are part of those 12, that leaves another 8 models split over 2 boxes and 2 blisters. You can reasonably assume that a blister is a single figure (although there are limited blisters of the standard Bolts and the new Tomcat and Zondcat, so it’s not a hard and fast rule), so that would leave 6 models split between 2 boxes – more Dire Foes maybe? What about Jetbikes? The bases Angel showed were fully covered with basing material, so could mean nothing is actually standing directly on the base. Angel’s also been seen airbrushing flame patterns onto a bike-shaped model, so it could be for some new bike units. Jetbikes would likely be slightly bigger than ordinary bikes (which sit on 40mm bases), and suit the futuristic themes of Infinity perfectly). There was talk of it being Yojimbo, as he has a bike, but the colour scheme shown for him at GenCon last year was predominantly white, unless they’ve changed it since.
  3. A starter set: It’s a bit of a long shot, but would certainly be awesome, although Corvus Belli have stated that they’re not likely to move away from metal any time soon (for various reasons), so I can’t see this being likely, as how many starter sets feature metal models?
  4. The Warcors programme: This was announced at GenCon last August, and while registration was open soon after, nothing more has been said since. However, again, is this big enough to warrant ‘big news’?

I’m hoping something will either get announced at Salute this weekend, or (more likely) at an event in Spain – there are a few happening towards the end of April so perhaps something will come up then?

Speaking of Salute, I’ve got a shopping list (and I’ve already ‘pre-ordered’ a few bits from Micro Art Studio to help finish off my table). I’m going to be on the lookout for a Dreadball Team (most likely Robots!), but I’ll also be looking at more bits of scatter terrain to break up the table a little more and give it plenty of cover! I’ll be taking the camera along for the day, so I’ll try and make a report post about it next week.


  1. Enjoy Salute. I made the trip over the Irish Sea in 2011 and 2012, but wont make it this year. Make sure to take plenty of photos. The Infinity tables are a big draw for me visually even though I dont play the game. Antenociti usually have a great showcase to see too.

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