Brushwork – Thursday 24th April

Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun - click to enlarge

It’s been an interesting week, Infinity-wise. Corvus Belli announced on their forum some upcoming changes to base sizes moving forward this year. There’ll be additional clarification in the next week or two when some new PDFs are released, but for now, they gave us a list of what will be changing. There was a bit of a shitstorm on the forums about it, but Corvus Belli managed to calm the storm by explaining that re-basing models would not be mandatory. Thankfully my group and I are level-headed enough to not overreact like some forum members did, and realise that it makes very little difference to the game (and with the impending announcement this weekend most likely pointing at a new rulebook, it might mean a change in the rules which could mean base-size is of little to no consequence).

With the changes in mind, however, I have decided that I’m no longer happy with my Cutter on a 40mm base, and so went about re-basing him onto a 50mm (I know the official size is supposed to be 55mm, but nobody will notice 5mm!).

Cutter on 50mm base (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Cutter on 50mm base (work in progress) – click to enlarge

He looks better, and a lot more stable on this base (although regrettably I didn’t take the opportunity to pin him to it, but the second he falls off of it, he’ll get pinned!)

I also managed to finish my Myrmidon Officer this week, and I’m pretty pleased with her – despite her diminutive stature, she stands out among the Myrmidons with her red hair, which I was successfully able to darken and look more red than orange:

Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun - click to enlarge
Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun – click to enlarge
Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun - click to enlarge
Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun – click to enlarge
Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun - click to enlarge
Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun – click to enlarge

With her complete, I just have 4 more Myrmidons, 2 Posthumans, a Chandra Spec Ops, Naga and Ekdromoi to finish before I put the finishing touches on Ajax and paint up my Marut, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Going back to PanO, I was lucky enough to acquire some Military Orders models second hand – one of my regular opponents had picked a bunch up on eBay last year, and had stripped most of their paintwork down but never got around to using them, so I traded some old novels for the Knights in space(!).

As a result I now have a Knight Hospitalier, Teutonic Knight with Spitfire, a Magister Knight, an Equestrian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, a Knight of Montesa as well as a bunch of Order Sergeants. As a further result of the trade I’m also getting a proper Aquila with HMG to replace my conversion, which I was never truly happy with.

Since I’ve nearly run out of my basing material, I decided it was finally time to put all those Antenociti bases I’ve got to good use, and I’m happy to say they are almost an exact match in terms of hexagon size. I’ve used the last 5 25mm bases I’ve made to base the Order Sergeants, with the extra one going to my new Aquila when he arrives. Then for the Knights I’ve switched to the resin Antenociti bases, which I’ll be using from now on for my PanO and Aleph figures.

PanOceania Order Sergeants (work in progress) - click to enlarge
PanOceania Order Sergeants (work in progress) – click to enlarge
PanOceania Military Orders (work in progress) - click to enlarge
PanOceania Military Orders (work in progress) – click to enlarge

For the Order Sergeants I didn’t have too much work to do other than to re-base them, aside from clipping a rock from the base of the Sniper model, but luckily a small bit of bending of the ankles allows him to stand flat and still be aiming his rifle in the right direction!

With the Knights, going from left to right, there was a little more work involved, as I decided the Hospitalier Knight needed to be carrying a gun in addition to his sword – luckily I had a spare Multi Rifle from the Indigo Spec Ops model, so that went on – I’ve had to clip his fingers down a bit so I’ll rebuild them with green stuff at some stage before painting. The Teuton with Spitfire didn’t need any work, and the Knight of the Sepulchre only needed some gap-filling on his cloak. The Magister Knight also didn’t need any work, while I converted the Montesa Knight to carry a Spitfire instead of the Combi Rifle the model is armed with – I figured that with Mechanised Deployment, the Montesa would be better off with a Spitfire rather than a Combi Rifle! This Spitfire was gleaned from a spare Order Sergeant model which also came with them – although I’ve already got that one so he’s been chopped up for spares (I’m tempted to head-swap him with another spare Order Sergeant, and using a spare pare of Hexa Spitfire arms, have a second, differently posed Order Sergeant with Spitfire).

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that they’re missing their helmet aerials, and I have a plan to replace them once the Aquila with HMG shows up – I’ll be greenstuff casting his pair of aerials several times so that I can give them to all the models that are missing them! More on that in a future post.


  1. 2Screens is my sole window to the Infinity world, so its cool to see consistent progress on your units: they look great. I do happen to think that using base size as an in game mechanic beyond the basic necessity of keeping the figures standing up is an inconvenience that causes more problems that it solves though. On principle I hope that it is removed from the game mechanics (of which I know almost nothing about 😉 ).

    The internet is full of people freaking out over minor things, but as toy soldier related things go, I very much dislike any form of rebasing miniatures, for whatever reason. It is time consuming and frustrating and runs a real risk of damaging paintwork which can be very demoralising..

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the compliments!

    I know what you mean about re-basing – for the most part I don’t tend to do it for much the same reasons you’ve mentioned (and I agree, a base should really only be there to allow the models to stand – the rules should be written so that the base size is mostly irrelevant).

  3. Yeah, and given that the rules already measure evening from centre points, the base sizes are already really only affecting what constitutes a tight squeeze.
    Heck, the highlander cateran actually comes with two bases, and modular terrain bits that let you make him a miniature of variant sizes; the cateran shown on the website is a full 40mm base, but the rules define him as smaller than that.
    Plus, I gotta say, a lot of infinity minis could use a little more room to breathe. I certainly don’t like the idea of having to rebase, but I can certainly see the appeal of larger bases for those extra dynamic models (covert Uxia, cateran, t2 mormaer, several tags, etc all hang of their bases)

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