Brushwork – Tuesday 17th March

Kotail with Customeeple holoechoes (work in progress) - click to enlarge

Well, it’s been a bit of a long break for me, hobby-wise, what with a two-week break in Italy for my honeymoon. It was a fantastic time, although I was getting brush-withdrawal by the end of it!

In the last week since I’ve been back I’ve had a couple more games of Infinity – one game against PanO, where I once again maintained the Tohaa’s winning streak in our little slow-grow that’s been going on. Suffice it to say I’m pleasantly surprised at this, given the frankly abysmal performance I had with the Tohaa during the latter half of last year.

The second game was the first mission from the Paradiso campaign, which Darren and I finally got around to starting, after almost a year of putting it off! We’re going to approach it slightly differently than normal – instead of playing through as written by the rules, we’re going to just play each mission one after the other in order, using, where possible, the historical forces that are described in the scenario’s background. As the campaign goes on, we’ll start introducing the XP system for Spec Ops/Logistics, but instead of determining who’s got what after each game, we’ll do something similar to what the guys at Mayacast did, and simply allocate a set amount of XP at the start of each chapter of missions.

Our first mission was the prelude to Paradiso, which sees some Ariadnan colonists attempt to retreat back to their ship, while Tohaa execute a pincer movement to ambush them. I used more of my ‘natural’ terrain as opposed to filling the table with buildings – it makes for a very different type of game, as while the woods etc can cause issues with vision for your troops, they don’t provide any cover so fire lanes get a lot longer! I’ll try to rectify this somewhat by getting some more things like rocks, tree stumps.

Here’s a shot of the table after a turn or so:

Paradiso prologue Mission 1 - click to enlarge
Paradiso prologue Mission 1 – click to enlarge

I also need to finish the bases off on those jungle plants (various aquarium plans I picked up over the course of last year). Once they’re based up they should fit right in on the table!

The game was quite back-and-forth, and at one point I was actually quite confident I might triumph, but Darren was able to break through using some smoke grenades and get a Veteran Kazak off of the table, securing him a victory! Paradiso missions, from what I’ve read so far, are quite complex but can lead to some really fun games, so I’m looking forward to playing through the rest of them!

So anyway, with my gaming-fix catered for, I sat down to do some hobby over the weekend – I’ve got a bit of a deadline as we have a tournament this coming Saturday to celebrate the end of our slow-grow at our club (Pigmar), so I need to finish these guys before then!

Before we flew out, I, along with a few friends, put in a big order to Customeeple to get a few bits, and so I ordered some holoechoes for my Kotails and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, as well as a couple of Nanoscreens for my Rasails. I also had the idea of asking Customeeple whether I could get their nanoscreens in a different colour other than the clear versions they advertise, and I’m pleased to say they were more than happy to help out, giving me the full choice of all the colours they stock! I went for fluorescent orange, since it’s a nice looking colour.

So, first up, the Kotail, with his stock coloured yellow holoechoes:

Kotail with Customeeple holoechoes (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Kotail with Customeeple holoechoes (work in progress) – click to enlarge

I wanted to avoid the frosting which can sometimes happen when using superglue, so for these and my nanoscreens, I simply added a strip of double-sided tape (industrial strength stuff that I was given by a friend) which has held them in place nicely!

He’s been done exactly the same as all my other Tohaa, and now all he needs are highlights and detailing to finish him off.

The next few are quite early work in progress, but I wanted to show them anyway so people can see the steps they go through as this week progresses:

First off, the Diplomatic Delegate, who will be standing in for my HVT during our games on Saturday:

Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate (work in progress) – click to enlarge

I did a bit of research into other people’s delegate models, and from the looks of it, every one of them has painted her legs bare, like the studio version. I’m not a fan of that if I’m honest (she’s a diplomat, not a lady of the night!), so I’ll be painting clothing onto her legs – I’ve not decided whether it’ll be a flat colour or have some freehand yet. On the one hand, a plain colour will be easier, although freehand would look far more interesting – the only downside is that other than diamonds, there aren’t many easy freehand patterns to paint, and I don’t want to be copying Darren’s Nomads! I’ll have to think a little more and see what I can come up with for her. I want to go for something different to the rest of my Tohaa colours for her, since she’s not technically military.

Next is my Kumotail:

Kumotail (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Kumotail (work in progress) – click to enlarge

Like the delegate, I’ll be painting her legs as if she’s wearing leggings of some description – they’re on a mission, not posing for a calendar, so clothing should be mission-appropriate! I don’t think I’ll do anything out of the ordinary for her colour scheme though.

Finally for today’s post, the Rasail with Combi Rifle. I really love the look of these models, and having the bright orange Nanoscreen alongside them really makes them stand out on the table, and they should stand out even more once I’ve painted them!

Rasail team with Customeeple Nanoscreen (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Rasail team with Customeeple Nanoscreen (work in progress) – click to enlarge

That’s all from me for now, although I do hope to get another post up later this week with all of these guys completed. Watch this space!


  1. I to had a honeymoon in Italy,must be a painting minatures type destination. We ended up in Amalfi which was fantastic . Changing tact the minatures are looking really good 😃

    1. Cheers! Hah, yeah, Italy certainly has its appeal, especially among the wargaming crowd, it would seem! We did a bit of a whistle-stop tour – Venice, Florence, Rome, plus daytrips to Pisa, Siena, Pompeii and various parts of the Tuscan countryside!

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