Gaming Thoughts – One Night ‘Speed Infinity’ mini-tournament

Gaming Thoughts...

Just a quick post today to detail last night’s One Night Stand that happened over at Pigmar Wargaming Club.

Every year, we try to hold at least one small event for each of our most popular game systems, which usually take the form of a short tournament lasting just one evening. For this one, we went with a 100pt, 2SWC mini tournament. We were using the ITS missions, although we had to adapt them slightly, and the event would not be submitted to the ITS system.

Since I was running the event, I decided on three fairly simple missions – Supremacy, Seize the Antennae and Annihilation to round it off. Players were given 60 minutes to get their games in, and to avoid any slow play (and ramp up the pressure a bit), I said that players who did not complete their games fully (barring a retreat situation ending the game early) would BOTH get zero points. It sounds overly harsh, but having had games run over in the past, I figured this was the fairest way to prevent slow play!

Due to the small size of the forces, we had to adjust the missions slightly to allow for players who couldn’t squeeze in many specialists – for the primary objectives, non-specialist troops could attempt to WIP roll the objectives, although they would suffer a -3 penalty for doing so.

We had 6 players on the night – it had originally been 8 players but two had to drop out, sadly. In the end, we had:

Adam – Haqqislam
Craig – Haqqislam
Darren – Bakunin
Jez – Ariadna
Mike – JSA
Will – Military Orders

So, for round one (Supremacy), I’d made a random draw, then for rounds two and three I set the players off against each other using the Swiss-system, as is usual for Infinity tournaments.

The final results are below, and at the bottom of the page is a gallery of photos I took on the night, which you can click to enlarge.

Infinity One Night Stand results
Infinity One Night Stand results

In the end, the final standings saw Craig finish in 1st, followed by Darren in 2nd, Adam in 3rd, with Mike, Jez and Will composing 4th, 5th and 6th.


    1. Yeah, we kept links down to a single, 3-man team (including QK/Tohaa/SP to keep it fair). Lists were pretty interesting and varied – Light Grenade Launchers were definite winners though!

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