Gaming Thoughts: Leagues, Campaign Paradiso and Blog Updates

Gaming Thoughts...

I’ve been working on little bits here and there hobby-wise, although there’s no real progress to show just yet, so rather than let the blog fester, I’ve cleaned up some of the articles a bit – got rid of a lot of the 40k stuff that was languishing up there, and I’ve finally gotten around to writing up sections on my Aleph, Tohaa and PanO, to explain their colour schemes to avoid repeating myself every time I post them up – the pages give information on the colours used to paint them up. If anything, it’s a handy resource for me so I can remember what colours I’ve used!

Pictured: None of the paints I've used
Pictured: None of the paints I’ve used

In terms of gaming, I’ve been pretty active – since the two tournaments back in June, I’ve been playing Campaign Paradiso with Darren, and while I’ve not won many of the missions, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing them and building lists which are way different than the usual kind of lists I’d build for Tournaments and Leagues – with the varied and different terrain styles, victory conditions and game lengths that Paradiso presents, it’s been a refreshing change of pace.

We’ve been adapting the missions and structure somewhat though, from adapting victory conditions slightly (as otherwise some missions can be won on the first turn if you’re not careful), to using different factions from mission to mission, depending on how fluff best dictates (although we don’t have access to every faction between us, so we can’t quite match the ‘historical’ forces presented in the narrative itself). We also have allowed Spec Ops to be created before each mission, with a set number of XP depending on the chapter (for the missions in Chapter 1 we gave the Spec Ops 4XP, for Chapter 2 we’re up to 8XP, and for the missions in Chapter 3 and 4 we’ll step up to 12 and 16XP respectively).

Obligatory overused Paradiso artwork usage. (Probably the weakest cover image of all of Infinity's books so far)
Obligatory overused Paradiso artwork usage. (Probably the weakest cover image of all of Infinity’s books so far)

Amongst all this, a 6-person ITS ‘league’ has been running at our local club. Rather than go with an Escalation league, we’ve simply stretched out a 3-round ITS tournament over 3 months, with all the players having a month to schedule and play their games. I played Adam in the first round with his PanO. The mission was Supremacy and it was one of the hardest-fought and closest games I’ve had in a long time – it was a very narrow victory for the Tohaa (5-4).

The second round pitted me against Alessandro with his Haqqislam, with the mission being Cold Sleep. I won this game 8-1, which has meant that I’ve got to face Darren in the final round! It’ll be fun but it’ll also be a tough game, as Darren is a very good opponent! The mission is Life Blood, so that’s going to really cause me problems as my list choice for this wasn’t the greatest, in my opinion, so I may struggle with it – we will have to see. Adam and Alessandro will also be playing their third round game on the same night, so by the end of the evening we’ll know the outcome of the league!

This wasn't our league, but we *are* all extraordinary gentlemen...
This wasn’t our league, but we *are* all extraordinary gentlemen…

Following on from this, we’re about to start doing some narrative Infinity missions, masterminded by our friend Jez, and also some preparation for two Team Challenges that are happening later in the year – the first, in October, is a 4-man team event which is part of the South Coast Tournament Series of events, and myself, Darren, Craig and Adam will be travelling over to Guildford as Team Pigmar to see how well we can do. Darren’s been elected Team Captain for now, since his ITS ranking is highest out of all of us (although he might not realise he’s been elected until he reads this!). The second event is the Infinity National Team Challenge, which is a 3-man team event. We’ve actually got enough players to enter two teams from Pigmar, so we’ll be having a little Play-Off league in the meantime to determine who’s in which team (top 3 players will make one team, the bottom 3 will make up the other team).

That’s all from me for now – I’ve been working on a few bits at the painting table this week, so I’ll try and get some more photos up over the weekend!


  1. Back in N2, my son and i played a paradiso mission with Military Orders versus Haqq. It was a blast. We’re hoping to eventually play through the story mode using the suggested factions. One of us needs to buy Tohaa. I wonder who will break first.

    Did you encounter any problems playing Paradiso with N3?

    1. Aside from some of the missions being a little one-sided, no, we’ve not had many issues. We tend to tweak any missions which have win conditions that could be too easy for someone going first, and we switched Lieutenants for Doctors in the list of specialists, but other than that Paradiso works fine in N3 from what we’ve played so far!

  2. Nice last summer our gaming group played a mini campaign I made, it centered on the the hunt for Templar secrets. It was made using adapted C:P mission as as well as some mission from the net.

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