Brushwork – Tuesday 28th July

Clipsos comparison - click to enlarge

I found some time over the weekend and last night to get my Clipsos conversion painted up – I can’t take credit for the initial idea – it was Xiphos over on the official Infinity Forum showing his who inspired me to do the same.

It was a relatively simple arm swap with a male Kamael with Combi Rifle, and the spare Sniper arms fit pretty well on the Kamael too, so now I’ve got an additional Sniper, if I ever fancy trying out a triple Sniper triad in my Tohaa some day!

There was some minor greenstuffing (definitely a word) to do on him, mostly on his chest armour which is normally hidden from view by the weapon and is actually flattened off to allow it to fit, so I had to bulk it out a tad. I probably could’ve gone further and mirrored the other side of the chest piece exactly, but impatience and lack of skill at sculpting got the better of me, and so I merely shaped it a little. It passes inspection as long as you don’t look took closely!

For comparison, I’ve snapped him stood next to the original model, to see how effective a simple arm swap can be. It does make me wonder why Corvus Belli doesn’t do more alternative arms/weapon options in their single blister figures – it avoids duplicate figures in a player’s army, and effectively would equate to two sales if someone actually wanted both options, although I’m sure there’s some business decision that I’m not seeing which stops that. I’m no businessman!

Clipsos comparison - click to enlarge
Clipsos comparison – click to enlarge
Clipsos comparison - click to enlarge
Clipsos comparison – click to enlarge

As you can see, he looks different enough to not immediately jump out as essentially the same model, and his pose looks natural enough so as to not be an obvious arm swap! Colour information can be found on my Tohaa page.

Next up, I’m working on the other pair of adorable Symbiomates (or Symbiobombs, I get the two mixed up!) – in contrast with the bright orange of the first pair, I’ve gone for a cooler colour scheme with the second two. Looking at them, I may take them a shade higher yet, as they still look a little too blue at the moment – I want them closer to an icy blue.

Tohaa Symbiomates (work in progress) - click to enlarge
Tohaa Symbiomates (work in progress) – click to enlarge

Lastly for today, I figured I’d show off the dwindling pile of shame:

The Tohaa 'pile of shame' as of July 2015 - click to enlarge
The Tohaa ‘pile of shame’ as of July 2015 – click to enlarge

Sadly, this is just the Tohaa part of it – I still have a bunch of Aleph, PanO and Nomads to do, but small steps!

It’s our club’s Infinity league final tonight, and it’s going to be an interesting night – as long as I score at least 2 points to guarantee that I finish the league in 2nd place (although Adam or Alessandro need to score at least 9 points to catch or overtake me). If one of them goes 10-0 then I could be dropping down to 3rd place if I’m not careful! The mission is Lifeblood, which is a mission I’ve only played once before back in 2nd Edition, and it didn’t go too well for me then! We shall have to see how things go!

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