Brushwork – Wednesday January 3rd

Return to Hoth Heroes - click to enlarge

Whoops, nearly 6 months with nothing to show! Entirely my fault! I can’t even use the usual excuse of Real Life(tm) getting in the way because while I’ve been ‘busy’ – I’ve certainly not been too busy to paint or game! Let’s just put it down to laziness on my part!

Anyway, so what’s happened since the end of July? Allow me to recount briefly…

I received my copy of Return to Hoth as detailed in my previous post, and got stuck in to painting them pretty fast. As usual with my Imperial Assault models, the heroes got the lion’s share of the time, receiving what I would call ‘full’ paint jobs (with the usual highlighting, shading and detail I would put on a normal wargaming miniature) while the rest of the units got a basic job to make them table-ready. Once I’ve completed my Imperial Assault collection (just two waves left to get now!), I’ll go back and revisit all of the models to bring them up to the same standard.

I painted up the heroes to match their artwork, mixing a couple of custom colours here and there (for example, Loku’s skin or MHD-19’s plating). I added a free-hand Rebel Alliance symbol to Verena’s shoulder pad also, as well as giving her some definition in her lips.

Return to Hoth Heroes - click to enlarge
Return to Hoth Heroes – click to enlarge

Leia was next – I paid a bit more attention to her face for this model – although the rest of the paint job is basic at the moment. I mixed a creamy colour for her clothes by using a 50/50 Ushabti Bone/Ceramite White mixture. It works really nicely, I think. She’s had a 50/50 wash of Nuln Oil/Lahmian Medium.

Princess Leia - click to enlarge
Princess Leia – click to enlarge

Dengar was a difficult one to do – all of the reference material I could find for him had horrible, washed-out colouring, which meant I couldn’t tell if his armour is meant to be a dark grey, dark brown, or whether it’s a metallic or a flat colour. In the end I decided on a flat colour for now. I can always add a glossy finish to it later.

Dengar - click to enlarge
Dengar – click to enlarge

For General Sorin, I followed the same colours as I did on General Weiss – Stormvermin Fur on the fatigues and Adeptus Battlegrey on the armour. A quick ink wash of Nuln Oil and he was ready to take to the board!

General Sorin - click to enlarge
General Sorin – click to enlarge

I had intended for the two HK Assassin Droid groups to appear different colours when standing next to each other – one is painted in Gehenna’s Gold and the other Balthasar Gold – sadly after an ink-wash they both appear to be the same colour! I’ll have to do something else to help them appear different at a glance.

HK Assassin Droids - click to enlarge
HK Assassin Droids – click to enlarge

The two Wampas were probably the easiest models in the box to paint – I simply sprayed them white and washed them with Nuln Oil (or in the case of the lighter one, a 50/50 Nuln Oil/Lahmian Medium mix). All that was needed was a quick bit of detail work on the faces and they were done!

Wampas - click to enlarge
Wampas – click to enlarge

Much like Leia, the Snowtroopers had a 50/50 bone/white mix applied before a diluted Nuln Oil wash. For the Elite versions, rather than go all out like I did with the Shock Troopers, I elected to just add some red detailing to them.

Snowtroopers - click to enlarge
Snowtroopers – click to enlarge
Elite Snowtroopers - click to enlarge
Elite Snowtroopers – click to enlarge

The Repulsor Tank was given a grey undercoat followed by a heavy wash of Nuln Oil, then was drybrushed with Dawnstone then Celestra Grey to bring up some of the highlights. The pilot was painted the same as the Snowtroopers. I still need to go back and add some detailing to the chassis though.

SC2-M Repulsor Tank - click to enlarge
SC2-M Repulsor Tank – click to enlarge

With the Hoth box complete, in late August I picked up the Alliance Smuggler and Bantha Rider packs;

Similar to Leia, I spent a bit more time on this model’s face, although I’ve left the rest of him with simple flat colours and ink washes for now. I decided to try and mimic the artwork and give him a bit of stubble using a 50/50 grey/flesh mix, which I feel has been successful.

Alliance Smuggler - click to enlarge
Alliance Smuggler – click to enlarge

I’m not a huge fan of painting hair or fur, so wanted to complete the Bantha Rider as fast as possible! Flat colours and ink washes (plus a small amount of drybrushing) were all that was used here.

Bantha Rider - click to enlarge
Bantha Rider – click to enlarge

I was pretty pleased with how the tank had turned out and so in September I decided to revisit my AT-STs to copy this style for them. I think it has worked well – it gives a little more definition to them over the flat colours I had before.

AT-STs revisited - click to enlarge
AT-STs revisited – click to enlarge

While I was revisiting the AT-STs I took a fresh look at the Trandoshan Hunters as well. I’d never been happy with the skin colours on these two sets of models, so For the darker skinned Trandoshans, I simply drybrushed them with Warpstone Glow, while the lighter ones were given a wash with Biel-Tan Green. I’m much happier with them now!

Trandoshans revisited - click to enlarge
Trandoshans revisited – click to enlarge
Trandoshans revisited - click to enlarge
Trandoshans revisited – click to enlarge

The final quick bit of revisiting (before the ‘big’ finalising of paint jobs I have planned for later this year) were the Ugnaughts – all I did here was a quick addition of some eyes:

Ugnaughts revisited - click to enlarge
Ugnaughts revisited – click to enlarge

I didn’t do a great deal of hobby throughout October as I was too busy gaming (as I got into Shadespire – more details in another post), although I did get some other bits painted for other systems, which I’ll detail in another post.

November was similar to October, although a group of us got into the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, so I spent a bit of money picking up various bits for that, such as the beginner game, core book and some NPC cards and dice sets. I’m really looking forward to playing that this year!

Finally, in December, I was fortunate enough to receive a whole heap of Imperial Assault stuff from my wife and parents – namely Jabba’s Realm, the Jabba Villain pack (because, naturally, he’s not included in the box called “Jabba’s Realm”…), as well as Captain Terro, the Alliance Rangers, and I’ve got Jedi Luke on the way. I also spent some voucher money on the Grand Inquisitor and Obi Wan Kenobi figure packs, which means the only waves I have left to get are the ‘droid’ wave and the Heart of the Empire stuff!

I even got to play some of the new Imperial Assault app – Legends of the Alliance. It was great fun, and three of us played it for a full 8 hours, which flew by!

Ok, that’s it for this post about Imperial Assault! I’ve got another couple of posts ready to write up about different systems that I’ve also been working on lately. Stay tuned!

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  1. Welcome back and great job on painting up those minis! The whites on the Snowtroopers especially turned out well. That could have been a really boring troop of minis to look at, but you painted them up nicely.

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