Brushwork – May 24th 2020

Phase 1 Clone Troopers with Clone Captain

Back in March, during a particularly fun game of Star Wars Battlefront 2, a gaming pal and I got to chatting about Star Wars Legion and how we felt the Clone Wars era was much better suited to the game than the Galactic Civil War era. About 20 minutes later we’d agreed to split two core boxes, me getting the Clones while he got the droids!

I’ve had a fair bit of experience building and painting Legion models for a friend up until this point – late last year we decided to do a Hoth-themed game, and my friend wanted to have everything painted up. I decided to try out GW’s Contrast paints for them, and the results were great given the speed. Armed with this knowledge, I knew the Clones wouldn’t pose me too many problems!

Looking into things a bit, I wanted to remain as true to canon as I could. Since the box comes with Obi Wan, I knew I had to have the 212th Attack Battalion colours (although when I eventually expand this army with Phase 2 Clone Troopers led by Captain Rex, they’ll be in the colours of the 501st Legion).

To paint the Clones, it was a simple case of spraying them white then throwing Apothecary White contrast paint at them. Black detailing was added and then I painted the yellow/orange panels on the armour before highlighting with white or bone. Like the Deathwatch in my previous post, as these are going to be for a massed battle game rather than a skirmish, I wanted something that was quick to do and looked decent rather than spending hours on each figure. Once again, I’m pleased with the happy medium I’ve achieved here.

Phase 1 Clone Troopers with Clone Captain
Phase 1 Clone Troopers with Clone Captain – click to enlarge

I also picked up a Phase 1 Clone upgrade pack to add some extra bits to the units – in this instance the Captain is present. The great thing about Clones is that they’re expensive points-wise in Legion, so I don’t need many of them – £75 has gotten me an 800pt force (the standard size for most Legion games), although my friend and I do plan to expand to 1600pts late in the year. When lockdown ends and we actually get to play we’ll do a few 800pt games before gradually upscaling.

Phase 1 Clones with DC-15
Phase 1 Clones with DC-15 – click to enlarge

With these models I wanted to try to weather them a little bit – nothing too extreme, but mud on their boots and some chips on the paintwork were needed at the very least – it was quite simple to do really – I just added off-white and white speckles to the yellow areas, while the mud on the boots was done by being a bit fast and loose with the drybrushing of the base, as well as a quick wash of Agrax Earthshade diluted with Lahmian Medium.

Phase 1 Clones with Z-6 Rotary Blaster
Phase 1 Clones with Z-6 Rotary Blaster – click to enlarge

I’m quite grateful to FFG with these newer models – early Legion models were pretty ‘fixed’ in terms of how you could build them – the soft plastic and parts breakdown of the models meant that customising them was very difficult – it appears that with later soft plastics they’ve gone for a more modular approach – I was able to swap various arms and pose heads at different angles to add some variety to the squads despite there only being about 5 different body poses. More recent Legion releases have switched to hard plastic, so it’ll be interesting to see how customisable they’ll be.

Phase 1 Clones with DP-23 Blaster
Phase 1 Clones with DP-23 Blaster – click to enlarge

One of the problems I came up against with the Clones is that the Republic insignia features fairly prominently on their vehicles and some armour pieces like backpacks. After a bit of searching I managed to find some home-made waterslide decals, some of which were the perfect fit for the backpacks:

Republic insignias
Republic insignias – click to enlarge

While the models looked fine without these insignias, I really wanted to add them as it sets off the models nicely. I did contemplate adding it with free-hand, however, it just looked a bit too fiddly as it needed to be a perfect circle with a lot of straight lines, which I wasn’t confident I could pull off convincingly.

BARC Speeders
BARC Speeders – click to enlarge

I still need to add some coloured markings to these BARC speeders, as well as some more convincing weathering, although I added some larger versions of the decals I’d bought to them first, as I figure they’re not immune to dirt or wear and tear. Here’s a better shot of the decals:

BARC Speeders
BARC Speeders – click to enlarge

Of course, an army needs a proper leader, and so here’s Obi-Wan Kenobi to lead them! I followed his colour scheme from The Clone Wars as best I could. I was a bit too scared to add object-source lighting to him though, so a pale blue stick is the best he’s getting for now!

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi – click to enlarge

I took a little bit more time on Obi-Wan compared to the clones, although I think I need to go back to his robes and neaten them up a bit. I decided to try free-handing the Jedi Order symbol on his shoulder, which ended up coming out okay:

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi detail – click to enlarge

Thanks to Contrast paints, I was able to get these painted up over the course of about 2 weeks, which is far faster than anything else I’ve painted up until now – it bodes well for expanding them with some Phase 2 Clones, ARC troopers, Rex and the Saber tank!

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