About the blog

This is my wargaming blog which contains posts ranging from images of my latest projects to thoughts about aspects of the games that I play.

About me

I’ve been collecting and painting models for close to 20 years now (I bought my first box of Games Workshop Space Marines for a fiver back when I was a spritely overweight young boy of 11!), and in the last year or two decided that I should do a bit more to document what it is I’ve done and achieved in my hobby. It’s nice to look back at stuff, and hopefully impart a bit of knowledge to others while I do so. My main game used to be Warhammer 40,000, although more recently I’ve fallen in love with Infinity, and it’s been my main system since 2013.

Why is your blog called ‘2screens’?

Back in my college days while I was studying for a BA (Hons) in New Media, I used to use a dual-monitor setup to work on at home. This led to a bit of light-hearted mockery by my friends (who were clearly just jealous of my super-awesome dual monitor gaming rig, er, I mean workstation!) and I was nicknamed two-screens, and when tasked with marketing myself as a designer, I needed a catchy nickname/brand, and so ‘2screens’ was born.

Your stuff hasn’t changed/improved much in the last few years it would seem…

That’s simply down to the fact that I’m a lazy painter. As I’ve gotten older, my free time has become increasingly rare, so the more models I can churn out to a decent standard the better, as I have a few other hobbies which I like to dedicate my spare time to. I’ve tried to speed things up without cutting too many corners and producing a sub-standard model. I’m sure I could give things like a wet-palette, blending, airbrushing and other techniques a try though!

What is it that you love about wargaming?

That’s quite a broad question. I guess it’s a combination of things – I enjoy simply collecting the models (I clearly have a bit of a hoarder mentality), I love building and painting said models, and I also enjoy putting those models to good use by moving them around a table-top and testing my abilities against other people, not to mention the social aspect of gaming in general! I suppose it would’ve been easier to say that I like all aspects of the hobby, and while I’m not a fan of every single wargame out there (my tastes really only cover sci-fi/guns/tanks etc), I do have an appreciation for the skills and dedication of all wargamers from any system!

What’s your gaming history?

It all started one summer holiday back when I was 11 – I was at a friends house and they wanted to play Heroquest. I’d never played it before and so my friend and his brother gave me a great introductory game. They then showed me some leaflets they’d picked up from a local toy shop which showed off some great models and had a painting guide inside by Mike McVey – this was where I first discovered 40k, and later that summer I saved up some pocket money to buy my first set of Space Marines, and continued to buy models here and there until I received the 40k 2nd Edition boxed set that Christmas. From there I discovered at Secondary School that a few more friends were also buying stuff, and my love of 40k grew. I attended a few Games Days although I was mainly in it for the painting at that stage. It wasn’t until 6 years later when I turned 17 that I discovered there was a wargames club in my own town no less, and so I started attending and met many of my regular opponents who I still game against today.

I was pretty much strictly into 40k in those days, and it was only upon joining the club that I realised there was a whole world of other games out there – from historical, naval, air, space, sci-fi and modern plus everything in between. I did dabble in a few other systems, including Rapid Fire, Blood Bowl, Inquisitor, Babylon 5 (A Call To Arms), Starship Troopers, Epic Armageddon, Warhammer Fantasy and more recently Dystopian Wars, but 40k was always my main wargaming interest. It pretty much continued this way until I met the love of my life and we moved in together about 3 years ago. We moved to a nearby town which had a local gaming store, so I continued to get a regular gaming fix there. She’s very supportive of my hobby, although real life (and the fact we’re saving for our wedding in 2014) has meant that I’ve had to down-size quite a lot of what I had. Coupled with the fact that the gaming store closed its gaming hall (it still operates the shop) last year, it’s meant that I’ve had to take serious stock of the things I own and get rid of quite a bit more.

In the end, it’s actually been a bit of a blessing, as I’ve met a fair few more hobbyists from that store who attend a club not too far from me, and a few of us decided to get our own gaming boards and take a real interest in Infinity – a game which has a relatively low buy-in cost and some of the nicest sci-fi models on the market, as well as a great rules system to boot! Since 2013 my main interest has been in Infinity, and I think it’s safe to say it’ll be that way for a long time to come (although I still have a couple of 40k armies, so I’m not ready to give it up totally just yet!)

What games do you play?

Although I mostly play Infinity these days, I do enjoy the odd game of Warhammer 40,000, and I’m planning to pick up a Dreadball team later this year. I’ve also been looking at X-Wing a little more recently too – seeing the models has brought back all the distant memories of all my Star Wars toys I had during my younger years, and I’ve heard a lot of positive things about it, so I may end up dabbling in that this year if I can find someone who’s interested in it too!

What equipment do you use to photograph your models?

I’d love to say I use a Canon 5D with a full lighting rig, but alas my funds are limited and so I use a Samsung EX2F and a light-tent which was kindly given to me by my future in-laws. In terms of lighting I have a single desk lamp (I’ve not yet purchased additional lights to cover the rest of the tent).

I have a question/how can I contact you?

Simple! You can either leave a comment on a relevant post on the blog, or you can reach me on Twitter – I can often be found on Twitter conversing with other like-minded wargamers, who all use the #warmongers hashtag (oh how I do hate the ‘h’ word…)