Getting Started

A lot of people tend to ask what the best way to get started in Infinity is. While I’m no expert at Infinity, I did start it fairly recently, and so I can give a new player’s perspective on the game still while it’s relatively fresh in my mind. I’ve seen some ‘getting started’ articles which just go completely overboard and try to teach too much too soon (a by-product of a veteran gamer trying to impart all of their hard-earned knowledge across too quickly, overwhelming the new player and potentially turning them off of the system).

For my particular ‘How to get started in Infinity’ page, I’ll provide you with links to all of the resources which helped me when I was just starting out, as well as a couple of articles/missions written by me which I’ve used successfully to help get other people interested in Infinity.

First off, the Downloads section of the Infinity Website should be your first stop, in order to get hold of the rules and Troop Profiles, as well as a few sheets of tokens which you’ll likely need (you don’t need them all, although the N3 Markers would be a good start (although it’s worth grabbing the Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso ones, especially if you want to play Sectorial lists or Tohaa, as there are some specific markers in there for them). There’s also a weapons chart for those weapons which didnt’ crop up until the Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso expansions, although I expect these to be phased out shortly in favour of Human Sphere N3, which will compile all of the rules from Infinity’s first two expansions and update them to fit seamlessly with the new edition.

To re-cap:

To begin with:
Infinity 3rd Edition Rulebook
Troop Profiles
Weapon Profiles from Human Sphere/Campaign Paradiso
N3 Markers

After a few games:

Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso Rules – bear in mind these will soon be phased out for Human Sphere N3, which will also update them to fit better with Infinity 3rd Edition.
Tohaa special skills
Human Sphere Markers
Campaign Paradiso Markers

The Wargaming Trader (known on the Infinity Forums as IJW) has compiled a fantastic list of resources on his site, as well as writing one of the most popular mission systems for Infinity, which from the looks of things on the forum, is used all over the world. I highly recommend a look at his site! The articles and files which really helped me out here were:

Infinity for 40k players – This was how I initially found The Wargaming Trader’s website – I did a bit of Google searching and this pair of articles came up, and they were both really useful in helping me ease myself into Infinity, both background and rules-wise! Granted, these were written back during 2nd Edition Infinity, but the crux of the article is still relevant.

When it comes to starting out, I wrote an article detailing how I got into the game without getting overwhelmed, which you may find useful. Again, it was written during 2nd Edition Infinity, so not everything may be correct in the context of 3rd Edition, but the general idea is still the same.

I also wrote a few simple missions which should help ease players in:

Click here to download my Starter Missions – For Infinity veterans instructing a new player.

Click here to download my Starter Missions – for 2 new players.

Additionally, I’ve written an article on the many ways to play Infinity.

When it comes to actually building your army lists, you can also use the Official Infinity Army Creator, which is a great tool for creating your lists and saving them to your computer, as well as being able to output them to pdf ready to print.

Once you’ve got the hang of building army lists, you could start looking at some of the more competitive style games – there is a fantastic starter mission which is very similar in feel to the Official Infinity Tournament System, again written by the Wargaming Trader, which can be found here: Starter Pack Mission – this mission cuts out a lot of the more complex abilities allowing players to concentrate on getting the core rules right first while giving them something to do other than just killing everyone else.

Terrain is a big factor, and there’s a bit of an art to setting up the terrain on an Infinity table – setting up a similar table to one you’d play 40k on will lead to a very dull, very short game – Infinity thrives in it’s use of fairly dense terrain. Some great examples of table layouts can be found on the following forum threads:

Terrain Density: Quick Tips – written by Carlos Lauger (aka: Bostria), one of the lead Designers of Infinity

Every Table I Play On – written by IJW, The Wargaming Trader

Post Your Tables! – started by forum user Berjiz

Table Layouts – my own gallery of table layouts here on this blog.

Finally, once you’ve gotten your teeth into all that, there’s a wealth of information and a fantastic community waiting for you on the forums!