When I started my Aleph, I wanted to try and go for a darker scheme than the one used by the studio, and so I chose purple as my main colour, with black as a secondary.

300pts of Aleph - click to enlarge
300pts of Aleph – click to enlarge

For the purples, I use Naggaroth Night as a base coat, then highlight this up using Xereus Purple up to Genestealer Purple (which is really a pink colour, but hey, I didn’t choose the names!). For my earlier models, I didn’t tend to blend these colours, although as time’s gone on I’ve started to mix colours more to get a smoother transition:

Diomedes: Ekdromoi Officer - click to enlarge
Diomedes: Ekdromoi Officer – click to enlarge

The deep green of the weapons is P3 Coal Black, highlighted with Kabalite Green and Sybarite Green, while black areas are given a highlight using an old dark grey mix I made years ago, followed by Mechanicus Standard Grey on the extreme edges.

Lights/lenses get a Dark Angels Green base, followed by Snot Green, then Bilious Green (or Scorpion Green) highlight, with a white dot to finish it off:

Aleph Rebot - click to enlarge
Aleph Rebot – click to enlarge

Swords tend to be fairly simple – Leadbelcher washed with Asurmen Blue, with sometimes a fine highlight of Chainmail:

Achilles - click to enlarge
Achilles – click to enlarge

Skin tones on my Aleph tend to be pale and cold as I want them to appear slightly inhuman, so I start with Rakarth Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, then re-highlighted with Rakarth Flesh, and sometimes an additional stage of Rakarth Flesh mixed with some white:

Phoenix - click to enlarge
Phoenix – click to enlarge