2014 – A year in review

Well then, time for a review of the past year then!

So what happened in 2014?

At the start of the year I decided to get rid of much of my 40k collection, starting with the Dark Eldar. I kept hold of a few with a view to using them in some infrequent games of 40k, but since those were few and far between, I made the decision towards the end of the year, with a heavy heart, to get rid of the rest of the evil space elves, as well as the Eldar which I’d previously vowed I would get painted by the end of the year. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but I had to be realistic about things – with hobby time becoming increasingly limited as life goes on, I figured that painting whole armies is no longer for me, so skirmish systems are more the route I’d like to go down in the future.

Farewell, old friends *sniff*
Farewell, old friends *sniff*

I’ve still got all of my Space Marines though, since they were my first army, and I’ve played many, many games with them over the years. Their colour scheme and background history is uniquely mine, so I don’t plan to let go of them!

I also attended quite a few tourneys this year – a single 40k one and a few Infinity ones – I started the year badly and ended up dead-last in the 40k tourney, although I had a reasonable placing at one of the Infinity events, I made too many mistakes at the others and placed pretty poorly at those, but I still had a blast at each one!

In terms of this blog, I’ve had some truly fantastic stats this year thanks to loads of plugs and shameless self-promotion on various social media outlets! It really makes writing these posts all the more worthwhile to know that people are reading them! If you’d like to see the annual report that WordPress have made, click here.

Of course, by far the most important thing that happened this year was getting married to my wonderful wife, who I’m lucky to say is pretty understanding of my hobby, and so I’m able to still fit in a decent amount of painting/gaming from week to week.

Going back to gaming for a second, this year saw my third Infinity faction arrive in the form of the Tohaa. It’s been nice to still have some alien models to paint, alongside my human and artificial intelligence constructs. It’s also been great to see the new edition of Infinity – dubbed ‘N3’ – from the brief couple of games of it I’ve played, I think the new rules feel great so far – in particular Hacking really feels like something worth investing in now, and the many subtle changes in the system have allowed for everything in the army lists to have a potential use!

Any excuse to put up a picture of Aelis Keesan again!
Any excuse to put up a picture of Aelis Keesan again!

At the start of the year I also joined one of the local wargaming clubs, Pigmar, and at the tail end of this year was elected onto their committee as Web Master, so I’ll be making some improvements to the site and representing the club at various events throughout 2015, and that leads me conveniently onto…

So what’s in store for 2015?

At our local club, there’s an Infinity slow grow being run by my regular opponent and fellow blogger Darren – this should be the perfect way for me get to grips both with the new edition of the game, as well as with the Tohaa!

I’m also planning to attend a few tournaments this year, but not as many as last year – while I enjoy the tournaments for the social aspect, they’re not my main focus for gaming, so I want to avoid all the ‘buildup’ games that inevitably happen when a tournament is on the horizon and stick to more narrative style gaming this year.

In terms of my pile of shame, I was pretty successful last year in reducing it down before the release of the Operation Icestorm boxed set, and even with the hiccup of gaining an extra few models along the way (which are now also complete), my unpainted pile has grown again with the sale of my Eldar plus my own copy of the Icestorm box. The new pile of shame now consists of (brace yourself, it’s a big ‘un!) :

  • Achilles
  • Diomedes
  • Machaon
  • Phoenix
  • Father Knight
  • 3 Fusiliers
  • Akal Commando
  • Nisse Sniper
  • ORC Trooper
  • Corporate Security Unit
  • Reverend Healer
  • 3 Alguaciles
  • Spektr
  • Grenz Sniper
  • Mobile Brigada
  • Authorise Bounty Hunter
  • 4 Kamael Light Infantry
  • 2 Chaksa Servants
  • Kumotail Bioengineer
  • Ectros with HMG
  • Nikoul Ambush Unit
  • Clipsos Sniper
  • Kotail Mobile Unit
  • Diplomatic Delegate
  • Chaksa Perifical
  • Gorgos TAG


33 models in total, with another 5 on the way in the form of the two newest Tohaa releases, the Kotail with Spitfire and the Rasail Boarding team. I’ve not put a deadline on this yet, although I’m hoping to have it all done by the time Salute rolls around, as I plan to pick up more things there!

This year I’ll also be branching out into other systems – I’ve got a small amount of Bushido models, as I’ve shown before, and was gifted with two more over Christmas. I’ve also still got my Dreadball Robots, which I want to get done and get some use out of this year. Also for Christmas, I was given the X-wing starter – no painting needed, thankfully. Also, later this year, I may also look at Dropzone Commander – it’s something I’ve always liked the look of but have never really gotten into it.

Well, that’s about it for my review of 2014 – it’s been a great year for me, and here’s hoping that 2015 is equally as fruitful!

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  1. Thanks for all the alposts and pics Lee. Always look foreard to reading them. Heres to a great 2015. The interwebs atent big enough for my shsme list!

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